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  1. Eli unoz says:

    Hello Dwayne. I really enjoy you music and would like to know if you are planning to ever perform in Orange County California. If you do,if at all possible, let me know so I can go to the concert.

    Thank You.
    Eli Munoz

  2. Ben Harr says:

    I love your music.I hope you come back to holland Michigan again.You should hook up with Melanie Oesch and try to combine your music.

  3. Rosalio cardona says:

    Man,, dude so excited if you ever come to California in bay area maybe perform in one our Indian casinos out here,,Ramon ayala is perform July 26 at Graton casino,, best of luck little buddy you have an amazing talent

  4. Edgar Acosta says:

    Hi Dwayne, my name is Edgar Acosta, I am Mexican, I live in Den Haag, I want to assist to one of your concerts, I appreciate if you can tell me if you are going to have concerts in The Netherlands in 2019. Specially near Den Haag , Amsterdam or Maastricht

    Thank you

  5. Dora A Alcala says:

    Hello Dwayne just wanted to say you are awesome hope to one day meet you. Until then GOD bless and your music keeps the Soul Alive. Much love San Marcos Tx.

  6. Pete Ramirez says:

    I was stationed in Soesterburg Ne at Camp New Amsterdam in 1964-1966 and played C&W music at the base and several other locations in Holland. I loved it there and went back last Aug 2017. I saw your videos and really like your accordion playing. My wife is German, but also speaks Dutch. You are amazing on the accordion!

  7. RICK RENDON says:


  8. Wilma says:

    Heb je 16-02-2018 met the Mavericks horen spelen….chapeau!

  9. Rick says:

    Beste Dwayne, hopelijk snel een filmpje van jou samen met the Mavericks of je Youtube kanaal. Veel plezier in elk geval.

  10. Glynda Gonzales says:

    Dwayne, we love your music. Please come back to Texas. We saw you perform at the Spinach Festival in Crystal City, Texas in 2017. WOW!!!!!

  11. Margie Gutierrez says:

    Dwayne, just want to say your awesome. I grew up listening to Flaco and I must say you are the Flaco Jimenez for the next generation. May god bless you and protect you and your family-the group and may our heavenly father continue opening up doors for you and your band. My favorite, I’ll be honest are all your songs. Keep up the hard work. I look forward to seeing you live someday in Texas (Austin, San Antonio or even Datingllas/Fort Worth). Your Texas fan, Margie

  12. Castro Francisco says:

    Me encanta tu música . Eres muy bueno. Donde puedo mirarte en vivo?

  13. Larry Sanchez says:

    We are meeting friends in Amsterdam May 18-22, 2018. They are coming from San Diego, California USA and us from Venice. ( No we didn’t vote for Trump ) Any chance we can see you perform?
    Larry Sanchez

  14. Rafael Loustaunau says:

    Excellent musician you are. We wish you could come to New Braunfels, TX to play polka-tex-mex/ mexican /music music

  15. Michelle Shaw says:

    Found Flaco’s 72 birthday video and have seen all videos on YouTube. Maestro!hope to hear live in Europe next year.

  16. Truus van Daalen says:

    Wat hebben jullie ons laten genieten.Gisteravond in De Lantaern in Zevenaar.Bedankt super talenten.

  17. Hilaria Martinez says:

    Hello Dwayne from Houston, Texas. I saw someone had posted your name and said you were a great conjunto. So I looked you up and man was I ever surprised. I am going to purchase a cd for my (92) yr old father I believe the one with Flaco Jimenez. He loves to play music and listen to new musicians. Your name caught my eye, especially Dwayne. That is my son’s name and not too many people spell it that way. Any how love you music and thank you to your father for teaching you.

  18. Alicemarie roper says:

    Please look into coming to the pacific northwest especially YAKIMA,WA….bring the Texas Tornados, Flaco and Los Texmaniacs for my dream concert…..someday I will hear you all in person…until then there’s only you tube…

  19. Amy Araiza says:

    Dwayne, I’m hoping you’ll have a concert in Southern California, I would love you see you play. You’re an extremely talented young man, I’m so happy I found you on youtube. May your success continue through the years because you are truly talented, non-pretentious and very likeable young man. Sincerely from a new fan for life!

  20. Arno says:

    Zit hier in Wharton TX op Flaco te wachten. Wat hoor ik nu? Een Nederlander? Nou set hem op jongen, ik ben beniewd!!!

  21. Laura Ehnstrom says:

    Very impressed with this young man’s talent and the beautiful music he performs but most of all impressed with his love for a different culture. Viva Dewayne.

  22. Phil Trujillo says:

    I recently became a huge fan of yours. I wold love to watch and listen to your music in person. A huge fan from Albuquerque New Mexico. You should consider a show in Albuquerque.

  23. Gregg Shobe says:

    Hi Dwayne,

    Will you be performing anywhere near San Diego, or in Southern California this year.

    My wife Dina and I would like to come see you perform.


  24. Julio Morín says:

    Hola Dwayne,

    Me gusta escuchar tu música. Muchas felicitaciones.

  25. Tiel en Har says:

    Hoi Dwayne,
    Ich had gister al ein berichje op dien site gezat, mer vraemd genóg zeen ich ‘t neet meer truuk.
    Veer höbbe dich ein paar waeke geleje gezeen bie “Sjpek mit eier” en ‘t jaomere vónje veer, det ze neet live gesónge höbs. Det haet ‘t weer goodgemaak bie ,Tijd voor Max”, wo ver zeer verbaasd woore, det allein diene naam geneump waerde.
    Dao höb ich op gereageerd en vanmorge al drek ein reaksie van de redactie óntvange.
    Laes de correspondentie mer in de mail dae ich dich gesjtuurd höb.
    Veer gaon nag väöl van dich heure.
    Har en Tiel Reijnders

  26. Tiel en Har says:

    Hallo Dwayne, nou veer mótte zègke, des se aardig aan de waeg aant tummere bös. Ein paar waeke geleje höbbe ver dich bie Sjpek mit eier gezeen, allein jaomer, des se dao gein nummer van dich ten geheure höbbe gebrach.
    Zojuus höbbe ver dich bewónjerd bie ‘t programma MAX. Wat veer neet kóste begriepe, det zie dich neet ech veurgesjteld höbbe en allein mer diene naam höbbe geneumd, terwiel se in Mexico net zo beroemd bös as die zangeres. Mer veer weite zeker, det gans Nederlandj dit gezeen en geheurd haet en det de aanbiedinge dich binnekort óm de ore vlege en des se ouch in dit lendje eine hele grote waers (bös se trouwes al)
    Veer genete geweldig van diene muziek en haope det nag heel lang te moge en kinne doon.
    Har en Tiel Reijnders

  27. Roxann Cortez says:

    Hello mi amigo. I’m the girl from Norco, California. I traveled to San Antinio just to see you and Flaco perform at the Conjunto Festival in May 2016. You were gracious to take a picture with me and my family. We are very impressed with you, your style and love for the Mexican music also known as Tex-Mex and many other beautiful older Nortenas. You are truly naturally talented and you play with much gusto and from your heart. Our best to you always, and may you continue to grow and play for many many years to come. Gracias por tu talento. Besos y abrazos, de tu Amiga from California.

  28. Luc Vleugels says:

    Hallo Dwayne,

    Van harte gefeliciteerd met je 25ste verjaardag. We volgen je wel op Facebook en je zit daar met groot succes zo ver van hier in Mexico. Maar we hopen je toch ook nog eens te ontmoeten bij een optreden in Limburg!
    En met spanning wachten we op jouwe nieuwe CD? Voor wanneer is het ?
    We wensen je nog een hele fijne dag!
    Vriendelijke groetjes van Luc & Nicole uit Genk.

  29. Jesus A. says:

    First of all, I’d like to apologize for leaving a comment in a different language. Secondly, I like your music very much and I’d like to know if you have in your calendar a tour to Jalisco. I just moved to Guadalajara and I’d love to assist to your concerts.
    Thanks for sharing this kind of music with us.

    All the best!

  30. Edna Moffett says:

    I hope that you will be on tour in Albuquerque new Mexico soon love your music have all your mp3’s

  31. Margriet Welling says:

    Super optreden vanavond in de Melangeur in Geldermalsen, klasse!

  32. Luc Vleugels says:

    Hallo Dwayne,
    Doe het goed daar in de States !!!
    Wij wachten vol spanning op je new album !!!
    Voor wanneer komt die nieuwe CD ?
    Luc & Nicole uit Genk.

  33. Maritza Marilu Soto says:

    Hi Dwayne,
    I can’t believe the accomplishments that you’ve reached with this music originating from my birthplace, and mexican roots. I also play accordion and you have inspired me to keep practicing. Keep up the good work, and thanks for making the world a better place with your talent!
    With Love,

  34. HEIRESSFT says:

    Hi Dwayne I really enjoy seeing you play that Accordion you are very talented young man, I’m just impress how you know Spanish so well. I love your music only I grew up in the streets of MEXICO and hangout around the bars as a child so I heard a lot of the song you sing, most of them bring back bad memories because the words are “how you left me and I don’t want to live anymore without you” so force almost like country music anyway my step-mom every mornings would listen to Los Los Alegres de Terán, so it does bring up some good memories. My choice of music have change since I became a Christian so it’s more PRAISE & WORSHIP, thank you for being such a talent musician, my husband has an awesome voice too, so GOD BLESS you & Have a BLESSED NEW YEARS.

  35. Edy Jaime says:

    Great to Know that a person with not Norteño BacKgraound plays the Acordeon like He has live in our Country

    Great for you

    Viva la musica norteña

  36. Ramon regente says:

    Felicidades y gracias dwayne

  37. Ramon regente says:

    Hola dwayne saludos soy chilango y orgullosamente mexicano, aca tienes un amigo y aca en México te vemos como uno de nosotros, eres Mexicano, el Holandes mas Mexicano, eres excelente y gracias porque a los hermanos holandeses les muestras un poco de tu México, y si de alla nos prestan a Don Andre Riu, nosotros te prestamos un poco, pero recuerda que eres mitad Mexicano, Felicidades.

  38. Sheryl says:

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  39. Joshua Steven says:

    VERY IMPRESSED!!!! I found your music on Spotify and the sound, vocals sound just like the bands in Colorado!!! Your voice and music brought memories of me in my grandmas kitchen!!!

    You guys ROCK!!!

  40. Richard Hermans uit Doesburg says:

    Hallo Dwayne, dat is lang geleden dat ik jou gehoord hebt.
    De laatste keer was in Doesburg met de braderie bij café Dumidi het was toen slecht weer in het jaar 2014.
    Jij met de texmex plosion geweldig vond ik het, ik heb nog met jou moeder gesproken leuke en mooie vrouw.
    Ik zie dat het geweldig goed met jou gaat volhouden zo.
    Ik hoop jou nog eens live te horen als je in de buurt van Doesburg speeld. succes verder met de muzikale groeten van
    Richard Hermans (ex beroeps muzikant)van de formatie The Lesly Five.

  41. Melissa Cardenas says:

    I just saw some of your youtube videos. Great Job! I hope to see you in Toledo, Ohio, USA soon!

  42. Ricardo Herrera says:

    Hello Dwayne,
    How fr has the Tejano movement made it in northern Europe? I am currently in Northern Finland…


    Hi Dwayne,
    Thank you for taking pictures with me yesterday at USC. I had a great time. Good Luck on your tour and have fun in Las Vegas. See you when you come back to Los Angeles, California. Take Care


    Hi Dwayne,
    Thanks for taking pictures yesterday at USC. I had a great time. Have fun on your tour in Las Vegas, see you when you come back to Los Angeles, California. Take Care

  45. Luc Vleugels says:

    Hallo Dwayne,
    Heel veel succes in Las Vegas !!!
    hoop je later nog eens te zien in Holland
    Luc & Nicole Vleugels

  46. David R. Almada says:

    I think that you have learned a great deal about Mexican/Mexican-American people and our culture. It is so nice to see someone from a European nation like Holland be so much into our people. You have much Mexican in you. I do hope you return to Los Angeles, California and the surrounding Southern California area. I suggest you look into playing at venues like the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, Calif. We are big fans of Los Lobos de East L.A. and I have known several of them for many years. They play at the Coach House and could give you good information on the venue, etc. I suggest if you know Enrique “Bugs” Gonzales, drummer of the Lobos, that you speak to him on this and other possible venues from San Diego to Fresno, California. I am a retired educator/administrator and would be willing to give you a hand. Unfortunately, my wife and I are leaving to Cabo San Lucas, Baja Sur California, Mexico on August 2, 2015 and we will not be able to attend your performance in Las Vegas. I was very happy to see that you have in fact performed a couple of times in L.A. and that one of these performances was with Los Lobos. I found you in the inter net about three years ago and I was pleased to see you and your cousin Geert, so much into our music. I also saw that your father is very much into the music and that you were influenced by him. I know that the accordion and polka music derives from your nation as well as other surrounding European nations. Within that music, you have taken on an appreciation of individuals like the great Flaco Jimenez. For this I thank you. My wife and I will be going on a German River Cruise in late November and into December, 20015. At the conclusion of our tour we will be going from Cologe, Germany by train to Amsterdam. We will not be there but two days.However, I will be thinking of you and your family as representative of the people of Holland while we are there. My congratulations to you and best wishes for continued success. From David R. Almada, PH. D: 1700 Sombrero Dr, Monterey Park, Calif.91754 and

  47. Ad Broos says:

    Beste Dwayne,

    Alle succes van de wereld wens ik je toe en met jouw capaciteiten gaat dat zeker lukken! GENIET en laat ze “een poepie ruiken” daar!
    Er gaat niets boven Groningenen al het goede komt uit Limb…!

  48. Edna Moffett says:

    You are the best accordion player since Flaco Jimenez. I have downloaded all your cds and play them constantly.
    Edna Moffett

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