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  1. Amy Araiza says:

    Dwayne, I’m hoping you’ll have a concert in Southern California, I would love you see you play. You’re an extremely talented young man, I’m so happy I found you on youtube. May your success continue through the years because you are truly talented, non-pretentious and very likeable young man. Sincerely from a new fan for life!

  2. Arno says:

    Zit hier in Wharton TX op Flaco te wachten. Wat hoor ik nu? Een Nederlander? Nou set hem op jongen, ik ben beniewd!!!

  3. Laura Ehnstrom says:

    Very impressed with this young man’s talent and the beautiful music he performs but most of all impressed with his love for a different culture. Viva Dewayne.

  4. Phil Trujillo says:

    I recently became a huge fan of yours. I wold love to watch and listen to your music in person. A huge fan from Albuquerque New Mexico. You should consider a show in Albuquerque.

  5. Luc Vleugels says:

    Hallo Dwayne,

    Van harte gefeliciteerd met je 25ste verjaardag. We volgen je wel op Facebook en je zit daar met groot succes zo ver van hier in Mexico. Maar we hopen je toch ook nog eens te ontmoeten bij een optreden in Limburg!
    En met spanning wachten we op jouwe nieuwe CD? Voor wanneer is het ?
    We wensen je nog een hele fijne dag!
    Vriendelijke groetjes van Luc & Nicole uit Genk.

  6. Margriet Welling says:

    Super optreden vanavond in de Melangeur in Geldermalsen, klasse!

  7. Luc Vleugels says:

    Hallo Dwayne,
    Doe het goed daar in de States !!!
    Wij wachten vol spanning op je new album !!!
    Voor wanneer komt die nieuwe CD ?
    Luc & Nicole uit Genk.

  8. Maritza Marilu Soto says:

    Hi Dwayne,
    I can’t believe the accomplishments that you’ve reached with this music originating from my birthplace, and mexican roots. I also play accordion and you have inspired me to keep practicing. Keep up the good work, and thanks for making the world a better place with your talent!
    With Love,

  9. HEIRESSFT says:

    Hi Dwayne I really enjoy seeing you play that Accordion you are very talented young man, I’m just impress how you know Spanish so well. I love your music only I grew up in the streets of MEXICO and hangout around the bars as a child so I heard a lot of the song you sing, most of them bring back bad memories because the words are “how you left me and I don’t want to live anymore without you” so force almost like country music anyway my step-mom every mornings would listen to Los Los Alegres de Terán, so it does bring up some good memories. My choice of music have change since I became a Christian so it’s more PRAISE & WORSHIP, thank you for being such a talent musician, my husband has an awesome voice too, so GOD BLESS you & Have a BLESSED NEW YEARS.

  10. Edy Jaime says:

    Great to Know that a person with not Norteño BacKgraound plays the Acordeon like He has live in our Country

    Great for you

    Viva la musica norteña

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