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  1. Larry Sanchez says:

    We are meeting friends in Amsterdam May 18-22, 2018. They are coming from San Diego, California USA and us from Venice. ( No we didn’t vote for Trump ) Any chance we can see you perform?
    Larry Sanchez

  2. Rafael Loustaunau says:

    Excellent musician you are. We wish you could come to New Braunfels, TX to play polka-tex-mex/ mexican /music music

  3. Michelle Shaw says:

    Found Flaco’s 72 birthday video and have seen all videos on YouTube. Maestro!hope to hear live in Europe next year.

  4. Truus van Daalen says:

    Wat hebben jullie ons laten genieten.Gisteravond in De Lantaern in Zevenaar.Bedankt super talenten.

  5. Hilaria Martinez says:

    Hello Dwayne from Houston, Texas. I saw someone had posted your name and said you were a great conjunto. So I looked you up and man was I ever surprised. I am going to purchase a cd for my (92) yr old father I believe the one with Flaco Jimenez. He loves to play music and listen to new musicians. Your name caught my eye, especially Dwayne. That is my son’s name and not too many people spell it that way. Any how love you music and thank you to your father for teaching you.

  6. Alicemarie roper says:

    Please look into coming to the pacific northwest especially YAKIMA,WA….bring the Texas Tornados, Flaco and Los Texmaniacs for my dream concert…..someday I will hear you all in person…until then there’s only you tube…

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